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i got some viruses and i need help

i got some damn viruses on my pc and im not sure what they are so i dunno how to delete them. i was trying to find a file on limewire and i got them through there. the first one well it was a setup.exe file and when i opened it it instaled some **** that i had to control over and what it does is it would just start limewire by it self and when u close it it would just open it again so wut i had to do was uninstal limewire and then i started getting errors from java saying it was trying to start limewire but it couldnt and some how i managed to close that. anyone got any idea wut virus that is and how to remove it? my other virus well its german i got it trying to get the same file which i got the first virus from. this one it just instaled some **** called P2P-Portal ppa-10029. i tried lookig for a manual on how to remove this but sadly all the sites were in german. I searched my pc with spybot 50 times and it wouldnt detect any of these. i was thinknig of buying bullgard anti-virus but dunno if its good. it would be nice if someone can tell me how it is or recommend a good virus protection. i had norton and well it sucked and it expired and ever since ive been stuck with so many viruses cuz i dunno wuts good out there. dont recommend me AVG cuz i dont like it so im not gana go for it.
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