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Red face sata problem

tried that, made no difference. Going to give up. I will through the sata drives in the bin and just use the 4gb drive I have in until my 80gb is replaced. The reason, I got a mchine made by a shop at xmas,3.2gb p3 1@80gb hd, 1@120gb hd, 2@190gb sata drives. It kept having faults then I got it back working with 120gb off data missing, when I contacted the shop he flew into a rage and told me he would not touch the machine again. I think I might just give up and never look at another pc again. I have been building machines since my ZX80 and never had problems like this before. Anyway thanks for your time everyone. I will just have to use my p2 333 with a 4gb hd for playing with.

thanks again

ted wallace
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