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I don't use AV either as i don't get virus's, trojan's or spyware. My recomendation is to use Firefox browser unless IE is absolutely necessary, Use Free AVG when you want to scan as it's the best iv'e tried but annoying left installed or to do what it likes.

Additionally im not sure how limwire works but normally i would use K-Lite or atleast a new variant of it called Resurection or the Java based BitTorrent client Azureus.

You'll most likely find with BT files that most if not all are quality and not some spyware/virus crap, iv'e been using it since it's release and was a heavy downloader when i had DSL Mainly for program updates and such and i have never once came across a bad file.

So perhaps getting a BitTorrent client and checking a bt site for the file you are looking for and see if it's available before trying Kazaa and the like. Also remember to suss the file details out a little, name , description, Does the size of the file seem realistic for the particular thing you want?
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