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Monitor screen shrank to one vertical line.

About 15 minutes ago I was watchin a movie on my computer when all of a sudden the screen on my monitor just shrinks instantly down to one vertical line with a horizontal width of about 2 mm exactly in the center of the screen. I have checked the vga connector to the video card, turned it off waited a while... no smoke that I could see or smell has risen from the monitor. I have plugged in old 14incher that I have for now. It is a Viewsonic P225F. I can't really complain much since I bought it for around 120 bucks at a comp fair, and it was only that cheap because of a crack in the frame. Has worked perfectly since the day I bought it almost a year ago. I have been thinking maybe I wore it out with having the refresh rate so high for so long, 1156by864 res. at 100 hz. Searched google for similiar problem found nothing. What is the normal life expectancy of a monitor. I mean obviously some last a while since i have this 14incher that must be at least 7 years old. But then again I never pushed the refresh rate to the limit on that one. Anyone ran into any similiar problems? Or know of how much it cost to have a monitor looked at. I am willing to pay up to like 200 dollars to have it repaired considering it is a 600 dollar monitor.
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