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Anyone else having trouble with the New Epox 9NPa+ Bios that is out 07.28.05??

Tried twice now to upgrade, the last revision works fine (06.29.05) however this latest revision causes my system to reboot when trying to load windows.

I have tried modifying every setting I can think of, and I am not running anything out of my system is rather light on periperhals so I am at a bit of a loss.

nothing major as I just flash back to the old version but wondering if others had the same problems

System specs:

AMD 64 Venice 3000
Epox 9NPA + Ultra
evga 6800gt
4 x 512 Crucial value memory
Western Digital 80gb SATA
Aopen DVD
Creative CD
Enermax 420w Noisetaker

System will get to windows screen and then just boot back to post, boots fine using the older bios.

Suggestions apprecaited, I have an email into Epox as well. Thanks
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