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Question for Epox Tech

Since I cant seem to get any info on this from emailing epox or anywhere else on the web, maybe you can find out.
I bought an EPOX EP DRO2P3 udma 100 Raid card to compliment my 8kha+ and it works beautifully(especially for 23$)

My question is this card has 2 settings "safe" and "performance"
if I remeber correctly, point being it doesn't say what the actual stripe size is i.e. 16k,32k or 64k

Can you find out what these settings equal in "k" for me?
The reason I ask is I want to optomize my cluster size accordingly.
XP1900+@1907mhz(190*10)EPOX 8KHA+,
Corsair PC2400
VisionTek Ti200 250/560
2x 30Gig IBM GXP75
Epox EP-DRO2P3 Raid - 0
WinXP Corporate.
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