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Safecom SWAMR-54108 port forwarding

I am unable to get portforwarding enabled on this router. I am pretty sure i am doing it correctly.

I'm trying to get BitTorrent to work. So i want it to open TCP port 6880 to 6999 with a port map of 6880. I have entered these into the portforwarding, applied the rule to the IP of the computer that wants the portforwarding to apply to and gone to system commands and saved all. Nothing happens i get outward connections, but not download, i get 0kbs-1kb/s if i'm lucky. It's definately not an issue with the tracker as torrents do this (looking in the seed statistics window of ABC shows that there's sometimes an overall network connection of 1-2MB/s.

I've also tried opening the same UDP ports and i get the same again, but BT never uses UDP so i was very doubtful that this could be the problem.

I have the latest firmware from the website and i am at a complete loss as to how to get port forwarding to work on this router.
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