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Originally Posted by chrisbard
You have improved the contrast didn't you?
indirectly, a bit of levels and curves brings it up great.

I should point out I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the picture, Kaitan took it to please him and provided he's pleased then that's the way it should stay.

I only commented on what I thought was a blue cast and I suspect the edit I threw together is nothing like how Kaitan remembers that scene. From that point of view I'm not too keen on making any changes to be honest, especially with colour and stuff. It could end up ruining a memory which isn't what you want to do. Ideally for this type of shot all you should be doing is maybe boosting what comes out of the camera, or if the clouds did have a blue cast enhancing it a bit.

I'll post one which had a LOT of photoshopping
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