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[UPDATE: solution inside.] Epox 9npa+ problems?

UPDATE #2: problem solved. Check my last post to see solution.

Here is my setup:

Athlon 64 3800+
Maxtor maxline III 250 Sata 7200 RPM
ati x800xl
turtle beach santa cruz
epox 9npa+ (nforce 4 ultra chipset)
2 x 1 GB sticks of ddr400 ram

I've built many computers before so this is no different. All the hardware works fine. So I go at it from the software side and things start out well. Windows XP SP2 is installed and so are my latest video drivers. But wait, the system BSOD's me at login. Crap. Oh well, I'll just reformat the thing at save any trouble trying to fix it.

Okay, so now I'm reformatting the beast and I get it to the reformat stages when it tells me that "This disk cannot be formatted" and hangs there. Double crap. So I force a reboot, boot from windows disk again and pray that it still works. Yes, it does. I pray again that it was just a fluke or something and try a third reformat. Okay. It works this time.

So I'm merrily going my way installing my system. And everything is running well. Window's Update just finished reboot. Basic programs such as acronic imaging software and, Catalyst 5.8 in the system, reboot. Now for several other XP ppowertoys and antivirus, and, prime95 torture test for 8 hours, all my programs up to speed and running, reboot and then just flashed the newest bios...

Wait, hold up there. I flash the newest BIOS and reboot. And then I'm at the screen with the "start windows in safe mode, start normally". Even so, the system can't even get into safe mode as it just automatically reboots at that stage.

What is going on here?! Is this a hard disk problem? Is it a video card problem? Is it my motherboard? The hardware acts fine until I do "something" that trips it up. Anyone have any idea what it is?


Yeah, I think my hard drive is the culprit, even if it did escape the maxtor powermax tests. I'll be sure to run memtest86 all day tomorrow to make sure, however. Then I'll RMA this bastard and go Western Digital.

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