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Remove any hardware that you don't have to have to get the system up and running. That means the sound card and the hard drive for sure. If you've got a cheezy video card that you know works that you can stick in there, I'd put it in as well.

First thing to do, I think, is to run memtest86 in torture test mode and make certain that you don't have any memory problems. Takes about a day to complete. You can run it from a boot floppy or a CD; we've got both versions in AOAFiles floppy here, CD here.

The next thing I'd do is build a DOS boot floppy and run BurnK7 in DOS mode. It is part of the CPUBurn utilities, which you can get here. Run it for a couple of hours. You'll have to hit Ctrl-C to exit the app; if you have to press reset or otherwise initiate a reboot, your CPU is unstable.

If you pass both of those, the next thing would be a diagnostic app for the drive, which you should be able to get from Maxtor.

If all of those things pass, install Windows, get a stable system, and gradually start installing hardware until you figure out what is tripping you up.
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