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Still unstable :(

anyone who has followed this saga will know I'm trying to detect the cause of an unstable PC that I've built from scratch.

memtest86 ID-ed a faulty RAM stick that is on it's way being replaced
it remained unstable with just the one stick. I borrowed a mate's PSU and no change - still unstable, so after much discussion forums came to the conclusion it's prob. the mobo

Well, the brand new a7n8x-x seemed to be running fine. I reformatted, installed XP and folded for about 30 stable, cool hours before it reset again. and again. and again... so there's no way it could have been the mobo!

it keeps falling over - suppose i'd better diable the BSOD supression and report my fault!

bah, there's £45 quid i won't see again.

new clues anyone?
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rig: a7n8x-x, Xp-m 2200 , 3/4 gig mem, fx5200, akasa carnival - 46c stable,

cheers once more to rondog

AOA Team fah
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