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Originally Posted by 45 Auto
That particular stop error involves the memory. Either the ram is being corrupted, or some piece of hardware is trying to illegally access a reserved memory address. Anytime you have a stop error, best thing to do is check at microsoft and do a search for that specific error. If the system is passing memtest, best thing to do is strip it down to bare minimum and then add 1 piece of hardware at a time until the error recurs.
well, i only have one piece of hardware plugged in that I can remove and still have the pc run! (tv card) - although I should run it without the usb modem too! I'll give it a trial run today and report back this evening

I'm pretty sure it's not the zotob worm - I've removed the partition since then and reformatted twice - it'd have to be pretty resilient! AVG hasn't picked it up either and it's on their list...

can i ask a stupid question please? how do i check it at microsoft?
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