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I agree a possible bad unit. Also though, it sounds like you know what you are doing so I offer only a re--check list.
1}. Any air obstructions in the case? Cables-wiring-papers-an old playboy?
2}. Ambient air temperatures higher than normal?
3}. One supply to one exhaust fan is the rule of thumb of equal size.
4}. Make sure exhaust fans are at the top end of the case while your supplies are at the lower end of case (heat rises-coolair descends)
5}. ("about 6-10 degrees hotter than the volcano 10 I had on there..!!!"} Put the Volcano back in if you can.
6}. Are the fans clean and no dust/dirt buildup? Running at correct RPM's?
7}. The article regarding the heat pipe system. I often find it amusing when a manufacturer offers a heat pipe and then throw in the optional fan marketing. Seems that is a double standard.... and deception
8}. Last item! According to the picture, Intel recommends this to be the best way to disburse heat from the CPU. Well that I have got to think about. If the fan is operating as an exhaust fan, then it is working against the cpu fan by creating a air void between the intake and fan on the cpu. So I would think about reversing the fan to make it a intake to blow cooler ambient air directly over the heatsink/ heatpipe system. Just buy a little air filter kit for about $2.00 at Frys or Best Buy, or make one. Easy to do.
So let me or us know how it turns out. I am rather interested in this scenario.
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