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Yeah i know but it suites my needs...Its compact as i have so many mods in my case i dont have space for nething else other than this.

Unplugging the LCD shuts it up, but it will continue to beep when i plug it back in. Think mayb coolermaster will send me a replacement LCD?! rather than the whole thing. I dont see how i cud send what i have back considering its filled with water! :P
System Specs:
Thermaltake Kandalf Silver + Aerocool Gatewatch, Ultra X-Connect 500w w/ Blue UV Window
EPoX 9NPA+ (Non-Ultra)
AMD64 Socket 939 3500 Winchester + Coolermaster Aquagate @ 2.8GHz
ATI Sapphire X850XT @ 600/600 + Arctic Cooling Rev.2 ATI 5
2x512MB Matched GeiL Ultra-X PC3200+
1x 120GB Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9
1x 300GB Maxtor Maxline III 16MB Cache + Vantec Vortex
Audigy2 ZS Gamers Edition + Logitech Z-5500s
Logitech MX1000 + K/B Wireless Desktop
19" Digimate TFT x2 RR - 8ms
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