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New System Time!

Right its now time to buy a new AMD64 system, by brothers taking the old system to uni. That means everything new, well not everything!

So i have a price limit of 700(GBP) or summat close to that, to buy a new system. The system is to be SKT 939 based on a DFI Lanparty Nforce 4 board (which ive already got), and im sure most know whats compatible with the DFI board.

For the whole system I need:

a) Monitor (preferably TFT)
b) CPU
c) Hardrive
d) Memory
e) GFX card (Pci-e)
f) Case and PSU
g) Keyboard and Mouse
h) And to make things difficult with the budget a printer! though I have my optical drives.

So id be very happy to see a system created by many different heads (not literally ) and so much experience.

It'd be a great help! Thanks beforehand!
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