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For your vid card I'd say go for a Leadtek WinFast GeForce 6800 GT at around £212

For you cpu I'd say go for a 3000+ Venice for now, you should get 2.7-2.9ghz from it, I wouldn't go for anything fancier as a dual core will eat too much of your budget and the 3000+ overclocks just fine while saving you a big chunk o' change over anything faster. £82

Hard drive I say a Maxtor 10 200GB, good performance, good size and decent value at a little over £61

For your psu you want an Enermax Noisetaker 485W, simple reliable and quiet. £65

For your case I'd keep it simple to save some money, go for the Antec SLK3000B, it doesn't come with a psu so you aren't wasting money on that, it offers great ventilation for cooling and it's simple black styling means it won't look cheap and only costs £35

For a keyboard and mouse you can go wrong with a Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop, they're all around the £30 mark so it depends on which styling and ergonomics you prefer. If you want a gaming mouse then go for the Logitech MX510, there is the MX518 but it's a tenner more and unless you are a pro gamer after the ultimate imaginary edge then theres little differance. I'd partner that with a Microsoft keyboard as well.
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