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Well you can save yourself just over £70 going for the standard 6800, which is still a good performer.

As for memory, yes to get the best from an A64 memory matters, but you don't get performance equivelant to the price you pay. A gig of DDR400 costs about £70, which you aren't likely to get huge overclocks or tight timings from. Now the premium stuff cost 2, 3, maybe 4 times as much, and best case can give you about 60-70% more memory performance, but this doesn't directly translate to 70% more overall performance. In games the 6800GT over a 6800 will make far more differance. If games aren't the most important thing you still aren't going to see performance equal to the extra spent.

Personally I recomend saving the premium ram for people who have high or no budgets, but when limitted like you are, the value range stuff is the better choice as you just don't get the performance relative to what you spend beyond that
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