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This is what it currently looks like its gonna be then:

Following From SCAN Inc. VAT

AMD Athlon 64 3000 32/64Bit CPU S939 "Venice" 90nm Retail inc Heat Sink Fan & 3 Years Warranty

256Mb XFX PCI-E GF6800GT DDR3 TvOut/Dual DVI *Full Retail Package £192.64

485W Enermax Noisetaker EG495AX-VE-W-SFMA aPFC Quiet

1Gb 2x512Mb Corsair, DDR400/PC3200,128Mx64, non-ECC, 184 DIMM, unbuffered, CL2.5, Lifetime Warranty

200Gb Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 10 (7200rpm,8MB) SATA NCQ - Lead Free

Total £480.91

Whats left then Case, (cant get it from Scan, DAMN!) And monitor, Any ideas, pointers...Preferably from Scan
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