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Exclamation How do i identify my mobo?

I know very little about identifying my mother board. I'm just going to tell you guys any thing that has has number or a name on my mobo, and maybe you guys can tell me what mobo i'm using.

First off it has a Intel Celaron 1ghz Cpu. Atx power supply port on it. golden heatsink like thing has the words "pc133 GFXcel" on it.

just below that is my bios chip, on the sticker on the chip is
(c) 1999

i have 3 PCI slots, no AGP slots. The top pci slot has a set of jumper like things to plug a really small modem card in.

at the right side of the bottom pci slot is a black chip has the words

at the left side of the middle pci slot is another black chip has on it
HRTF Audio Com

on the built in USB and Ethernet section there is the letters "AMP" as well as on the Keyboard and Mouse ports, they are PS2 btw.

on the video/printer/and other port section it has 2 stickers on it.
on the other is a barcode and under it is

I have 2 slots of dimm ram. For my CPU's heat sink there is a big thick gray heatsink, and on top is a black Intel Fan has a silvery stick in the middle with

That's all i can read things off. I hope you can help me. because when i installed windows xp on it didn't see the sound card. it saw everything except the sound card which is built in. And it would help me get the right mobo for the Motherboard Monitor Program. Thanks
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