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Posts: 7,451's probably as fast as a p3 933mhz....i really think 6.8ghz is the wavelength.

Um, check in to quantum computing. There have been quantum processors/computers for YEARS. The tasks they perform, however, are not very complex. is the Oxford university site for quantum computing. Ya'll know what a bit is...qubit is quantum bit. They have had 5-7 qubit machines running since 2000. The realization of cheap solid-state devices is a nessecary part of making a full quantum computer with error correction.

The man of the hour, for the first quantum computer, is Issac Chuang, a professor @ MIT. You can find HIS site here:

You might wanna dig into Turing machines as well...

It's alot to absorb, but if you can make your way through the convoluted speech, the concept is quite simple.
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