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Very clever are the former members of the erstwhile Soviet Bloc.

And every time I get a cookie that ends in ".ru" I delete it as fast as I can. Why? Sheeit, the situation in Russia is bad! Sure, Communism ended. This also meant the end of public support for institutions that made life more bearable under the heels of the Commissars. Old age pensions, health care and education have nearly disappeared. Capitalism has made a few people very well off, yet dog eat dog remains for the ordinary people. And Putin is a dyed in the wool former head of the KGB, authoritarianism is all he knows.

Therefor Russian programmers and PC whiz-kids have been at the forefront of very sophisiticated scams, shams and ripoffs on ye olde Internet. This was big news a few years ago, yet I think they must be still at it. Starve or scam, which would you do?
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