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Originally Posted by saquib
ok, are there any really significant visual improvement from VGA/RGB (i mean the standard display out that all cards use!) to "DVI" while I play DVDs? For example, to be honest, i can barely find ANY difference while playing movies between composite and s-video outputs.
I'm a little surprised that you can find barely any difference between composite and s-video. For the equipment I have, the difference is quite noticable, with composite giving a somewhat blurry picture (especially in terms of colour), and s-video giving a sharper picture with less blurring of the colour. Of course, if you're not running at the native resolution of the display, then you'll also have to contend with the display device rescaling the image, which can add softness to the picture too.

You can get VGA to DVI converters, but they're expensive, and not generally worth it.
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