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dual core or dual xeon?

Hey guys I'm looking at getting a serious new workstation for rendering. I use 3DS max for animation and rendering which as far as i know isn't available on a 64bit platform yet. im trying to find the best solution to give me the biggest bang for my buck.

i've heard that the pentium d see's as much as a 50% improvement with animation and rendering because of their dual core which makes it a great contender up against a dual xeon, since they aren't available with dual core's yet. and with a dual xeon machine you will probably get only another 80-90% out of the second processor.

I'm not sure how a single xeon compares up against a pentium D of the same speed (say 3.0ghz with 2mb cache), but im guessing the price performance ratio of the pentium d would kick it. im not sure if im correct, but im guessing if i bought 2 pentium D 3ghz machines it would be cheaper and much faster than 1 dual xeon box.
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