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Doesn't matter what retail sales are for any product, really. These only generally amount to 25% or less of a given product. Most are sold to OEM's and developer's, so regardless of performance, ATI's already widespread usage in the market almost guarantees that developer's in the least will be buying ATI cards.

ATI is my personal favorite, but i don't base my hardware purchases on favortism, base it on results. When i bought my current card, favortism did not play a role in what i purchased, quite obviously by my sig. I swore up and down for month's i'd never go SLi, but look what i use now...

Fortunately, I am quite confident that what i have already will meet my needs for a year or so at least, and because of the current platform i adopted, upgrading for me will be quite easy...just plop in a second vid card, and maybe a dualcore, if that's what is needed.

The newest generation of cards are really the point that most systems will be an immediate bottleneck to the card, as not very many CPU's can keep up, never mind that the ram requirements for higher resolutions go up as well, not just on the videocard, but system ram as well.

With this in mind, pretty much anything that ATI can relase, as long as it performs on par with nVidia's solution, will do well enough for them, and if it doesn't, there are many chips in the back wings awaiting the call...
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