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Well everything's going to be CPU bound ... give the fact about the premiums that display cards command these days. The Display cards endup having more transistors than a CPU and for a specialized purpose .And ATI always seems to add up to having the better end application tech , but NVIDIA has better marketing and product specialiazation focus ..Damn man they have a motherboard line that is going strong , Integrated graphics lined up ,stronger market position , better tie-ups ( with regard to having Intel ) ..etc .
It needs to be a damn strong showing by ATI to slow down NVIDIA.CrossFire i believ is just going to matchup to SLi..7800GTX at the very very best // but the smartest thing for ATI to do would be to concentrate on the next gen technology rather than worry about a lost battle!!
The War is not over yet ...
The icing on the cake would be if ATI snapped up / implemented some sort of a Physics processing capability on their next iteration of display
cards....differentiating themselves from NVIDIA as well as supporting the next hopeful killer tech.

Competition benefits us all except maybe for NVIDIA and ATI
Its the things that we're not supposed to do that matters ..not the things that we can do !!!

AOA Team fah
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