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thanks for the reply! well it will begin as a part of a farm, but i will probably drop in a high end pci-e card later on.

heres a link to a piece i did which I just won one of the GSAA awards for-

The amds i have found to be a good choice in terms of price performance in pretty much everything except 3d rendering. the pentiums for quite a while have been quite a bit ahead of them if you checkout the benchmarks on

to be honist do you want a workstation, or a renderfarm, cos if the computer you have is good enough to work on, it might be worth just building a load of allright pcs and link um up, if you got the space, pluss that means you can render and work at the same time, alwase usefull
i guess thats what im trying to determine. but after a bit of research it currently looks like it is a far better option cost/performance wise to just buy the single dual core. later on in the year the dual core xeons wil be out and that will be very exciting. 4-5K should get you a machine capable of about 9ghz equivalent processing power for rendering applications. thats like a small current farm in a box.
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