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LoL. You guys are buying all the hype. the transition to 90nm with the R5xx generation of GPU's has been planned for a couple of years now. This chip was designed for microsoft way back when DX9 was just an idea, and M$ made a call for hardware to develop DX9 on. At the time, ATI brought a few examples of what they could offer, and the "R520", as it is called now, was one of them. The memory interface has been changed a bit, adn the crossfire thing is years old, but not available to the general public. There's a reason for VIVO cards....

Anyway, ATi are a very large company, with more than just GPU's as an entry into the market. Thier partnership with Microsoft ensures thier survival in the industry, as well as a leg-up on the competition.

So, regardless of all the mumbojumbo you have read as of late..mind what i have said over the past months regarding ATI. There's a reason that i have had "insider info" on the recent stuff, and it's not becasue i "know someone". It's because i see a seed long ago planted finally becoming one of the most vibrant, colourful, eye-catching flowers mankind has ever seen...

Besides...16 pipes almost equal to the performance of 24 of nVidia's...that's 1/3 less pipes...i think that ATI is doing great, in that regard, as although nVidia may have the fastest card on the public market...R520's have been shipping to developers since January.

Don't forget too...high-end card sales amount to less than 3% of total yearly revenue for either gpu maker. I doubt not having the top card will hurt ATI as bad as everyone thinks. They are about to start to receive royalty revenues from the new XBOX, afterall, while nVidia USED to be recipient of those royalties...and nVidia's replacement for that revenue, the PS3, is not slated to arrive until next year. looks like nVidia is the one losing out. ATI focused on the console, and got it out the door, and can now focus on the PC market, while nVidia are busy trying to deal with both at the same time, hoping(and i mean really hoping) that what they have will be enough if ATI's current hype has all been smoke and mirrors. They don't even have the chips made for an "ultra" level of card as of yet, unless IBM has been fabbing them while running the RSX off. TSMC definately does not have any such unit in production.

ATI didn't gamble at all...this has all been planned. If they really wanted a 32pipe unit, it would be what was hitting the shelves next month, i promise you that much.
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