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BobyJo--going the Patriot XBLK route was Plan A, but I hit some snags and got frustrated. The first set they sent had a bad module, so I RMAd it. The second also started immediately throwing errors, much to my dismay. I even had in run Memtest last night, and woke up to 36 Test #5 errors. I've tried upping the vdimm to 2.7 and even 2.8 (that was for last night). Prime 95 runs about 3-8 mins tops. This is all at stock speeds, no OC. I actually looped test 5 for several hours and came back with several hundred errors.

I inserted some Corsair from another box and everything runs fine (0 errors Memtest, Prime95. So, I think the system is OK, just having memory problems).

So, as far as I can tell, I've got 2 bad sets of XBLK sent to me. What are the odds eh?
Kind of bums me, as I really wanted it to work

So, I decided to go with this Corsair if I can get the v1.2. This RAM isn't the pro version, so it doesn't have all the Xmas lights going all over, which is fine with
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