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I went to Patriot's site to see what memory they recommend for the Epox board.
Very strange the XBLK is NOT recommended for your board. The only memory they recommend for your board is;;
Patriot Signature DDR 1GB CL3 PC-3200 (400MHz) NON-ECC Unbuffered DIMM

Man I am surprised over this, I know the XBL line is super in the DFI nf4 boards.
I know the Mushkin Blue Line is super in the Epox boards.

The Mushkin will not work in the AV8 boards we have.

I have just received a pair of 512mb sticks of Mushkin today RMAed and they still do not work in my boards. I am in the process of tring to get George at Mushkin to do something for me on this.

I won't be recommending Patriot memory to people until I know that it will work for them.
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