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Originally Posted by dsio
NAS drives are dedicated, completely stable, and faster than any server you will build really. I think its definately the best option.
Having both, I'd disagree. NAS boxes are typically limited on memory for caching (often only have 16 or 32Mb of RAM), and a relatively slow processor. They often run VXWorks or Linux as the OS on the system. The other issue might be expandability, especially if you want to incorporate additional hard disks at a later date.

With wireless networking involved as well, the bandwidth is extremely limited. The Lacie that was suggested above will struggle to break the 4Mbyte/sec mark on reads. The IOmega NAS 200D range is much faster, and will hit the 10Mbyte/sec mark. However, on a 54Mbit/sec wireless network (802.11G), you'll find speeds are limited to around the 3-4Mbyte/sec mark. For comparison, IDE hard disks are able to deliver 50-80Mbyte/sec, so your access to data across the network will be in the order of 10-20 times slower.

If you're talking a GB per song, then at 4Mbyte/sec, it'll take nearly 5 minutes to transfer that GB.
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