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Which driver to kill jitter/display bug and squeeze the most out of nvidia fx 5200???

hi there,

ok heres my problem. i just upgraded my mobo ram and cpu thinking i would be able to increase game and overall system performance, but still seem to have the same bugs as before upgrade > lag for a few seconds while sound loops and i get immense graphical distortion in rome total war and other newer games.

my overall system performance IS better as long as nothing graphically intensive is taking place (ie rendering a model in my fav 3d app or playing a game).

long story short i've tried a number of different drivers but need some help in picking the one that'll give me the best performance and least graphical glitches for my card.
heres my system:

AMD Athlon 64 +3200
K8 Triton Mobo Manufactured by Gigabyte: GA-K8U-939
2gb of doublesided ddr
128mb 8x agp Nvidia FX 5200

like i said i've tried a bunch of different drivers some modded some not. some installs clean (drivercleaner) some not. played with the settings on the video card and in the bios to death. almost 2 days eaten up. i'm tired. i'm hungry. please help
*sniff* thanks
oh and i hate nvidia now. am i just incompetent or is this stuff extremely confusing for the uninitiated?
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