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I recently had the same type of problem where my pc wouldn't post. There was a few instances when I reset the cmos and it did post only to do a total lockdown once windows was loaded. I tried all I could to tech the problem. Reseating a new cpu, swappin both my 512 sticks out of the 1 slot, trying my old vid card, reconnecting all wiring, putting a less of a load on the psu, I even tried purchasing a new monitor from Walmart since they have suchhh a good return policy . The most intresting part about the problem was that the motherboard light all checked out such as the ram LED's and PWR LED's and all the fans kicked on and work properly but still no post. After everything failed... I purchased a new motherboard and was up and runnin again.

I hope the best for you JPR420!!
AOA Team fah
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