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Epox 9NDA3J problem

i got Venice 3500+ and board is revision 2.0, da3j5401.bin bios version

EVERY time i start or restart pc .... i got an error message after cpu/ram/drives test:

CPU has been changed!
pls visit bios, set correct values and save settings on exit!

OMG what the hell is that? how can i turn off that thing? every time I need press F1 to contintue (ALL settings are remembered)

another problem: i cannot change cpu voltage - 1,4v all the way. in bios i can change from +0,05 to +0.2v (i cant set +0.0v or OFF) but in reality it is allways 1,4 (with bios settings on +0.2v)

anyone can help me?
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