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need help new to 64 oc'ing 3400 newcastle on a ASUS K8N-E

Looking for some advise in ocing my 3400 754 on the asus K8N-E delux board if any body has any experience with these Plesde help.Im runing a gig of corsair valus ram 2x512 a 5900 ultra 256 video card, in a nice big Chen Ming case with 5 80 mm fans.450 wat Ps i dont know the hoo's and a 250 gig ide hd with a set of liteon dvd's. Advise on a processor coller\air would also be aprechated.
Im loking for a nice stabel oc to game with. I think my processor is a newcastle im looking at the box right now and it dosent say.Ive herd some good things about the nforce 3 250 but not many post's on that MB. I know having the right equipment makes all the diference i traded in my 3200 barton for a 2500 mobil that im real proud of,its been runing stabel at 2300 mhz for a year now i think. So its time i jumped back in and saw what this box will do before build the next one.BaDArthur
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