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Ok kind of embarising only got a 10% OC out of it,at 20% the OS locks up and at anything over 10% the Video locks up whyle playing Call of Duty-2. The video card I bought used from a gaming budy of mine from chicago Its a FX-5900-XT 256 not a ultra made by Gainsworld. And i also had to replace the out of the box fan and heatsink
that is what bugges me,as i had to spend money to get such minor results.
But hear are some numbers12X221fsb@100cpu=2640mhz@like115-F and things seem stable there I was going for somemore but the video keep's droping out
while gaming and that's how i tell things are really stable. Any more sugestions other than spend the money for a new 939 dfilandparty and processor and pci express videocard would be aprechated---Badarthur
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