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9NDA3+ & Opteron 144.....

Received it this morning from CPU City.

I'm having trouble with 4 x 512MB TCCD modules at anything past 280HTT 1:1. I know one of the matched pair are good for 300HTT so I took out the others. Sitting quite happily at 300 x 9
Will try for more but I think my meory maxes out at 305HTT, may have to use a divider and see what we get!
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DFI SLi-D, Opteron 144 @ 2.8Ghz, 4x512MB PDP XBLK, 160GB WD Caviar SE, Benq 1620DW DVD-RW, X1800XT 256MB,Custom WC.

AOA Team fah
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