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What exactly are you asking? Do you want to know who the fanboys are? Are you asking what brand of CPU we have in our main rig? Are you asking what type of CPU we would put in our next rig? Are you asking how many of which type of CPU we own?

The answer to the last question is 4 AMD, 5 Intel, and 1 VIA. The answer to the question befor that is "Whatever CPU+ chipset combonation fits my needs and wallet at the time of the next build" My main rig is a T-Bred B 1700+ @ 11x210 on an Abit NF7-S rev2. It's old but still plenty fast enough.

As for fanboys..... They are weak minded people that are insecure so they need to put down others peoples choices to make themselves feel better about thier own choices. Wether it be AMD vs Intel or Ford vs Chevy, it's all about insecurity if you feel the need to insult someone elses choices purely for self reassurance.
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