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There is no AMD vs. Intel. There are guys and gals out there that use Amd and there are guys and gals out there that use Intel. Then there are those that have several of both. I have both. They are both excellent!! If you do not believe me spend the next 2 years on a Tandy TRS-80. So many of you younger people have absolutely no clue of just how great both these processors are. Cuz you weren't around when it all started. Did you know little things like MP-3's were invented in 1987 by a german engineer but had to be shelved until the late 90's cuz to convert a 3 minute song to an MP3 back then took the most powerful systems days and most systems just could not do it EVER!!
Who the hell sits around and worries today if they have enough processor power and memory to convert a song to an MP3. Uh, it never even entered your mind. Man, back then when if you wanted more than 2 to 4 megs of ram you had to solder it in yourself or try to find a computer store that had a tech that would do it for you. Remember the Heathkit/Zenith stores? You bet I soldered lots of memory into computers 4megs at a time. Remember, Amigas ruled!!
They were fast, reliable and fairly affordable computers and yes you had to solder their ram in too. Hey it was fun. but now you just push the button and in a few seconds you have smooth effortless power!! One more time. They are both great!!
Enough of this type of thread. it is old.......................

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