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You Know Weldzilla, I always thought my 386sx 16MHz was slow. It was loads fater than my aunts 268 10MHz. But with the switch from DOS 5.0 to Windows 3.1 the 386sx 16MHz just seemed slower. My Pentiom 90MHz was the bomb. That thing rocked. Then along came windows 95 and I needed more power to run the bloatware. I still needed DOS to play some of my games, and those were zippy, so was Lotus that we used for spreadsheets and word processing. Windows based games took more power. Then Came the AMD K6 233MHz and a VooDoo Banshee (The first video card capible of running both 2D and 3D, yes kids, you needed 2 video cards if you wanted 3D). It was blazing fast! Then the K6-2 333MHz followed by the K6-2 500MHz.

After that AMD came out with the K7 and did the amazing and beat Intel to the 1GHz barrier. This also coincided with my first try at overclocking (it wasn't until this point in my life that I could afford to fry something). I took a 1GHz K7 and OCed it to 1.46GHz then backed it off to 1.4GHz. I never thought I would need more power than this. As it turns out, my grandson uses this combo on a daily basis. He even plays Half-Life 2 on it with a Radeon 7000. Not with all the bells and whistels mind you, but it still plays. And he uses it for all of his web browesing and homework.

My main rig is over 2 years old and I have found absolutly no reason to upgrade. My laptop is 3 1/2 years old and I am just now thinking of upgrading, but not because of hardware. I need to upgrade my laptop because the newest video drivers for it are over 2 years old and are not Direct X 9 compatible, so any game that needs DX9 are unplayible on it.

I say they are both fine processors. And you should consider not only the brand of CPU but also the chipset and power consumption and price befor making a buying decision. Think with your mind and your wallet people. Not comercials or someonle telling you that you will be a cooler person if you buy thier cpu.

Personally I think the best CPU's out there are the Pentium M CPU's. Now if they can sell me a 2GHz one for less than $200 and a feature rich Mobo for $150 or less I am there (as soon as my main rig starts to feel slow to me.)
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