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damnit! this thread wasn't about amd and intel wars, its about what would you want, don't give reasons, just vote...shoot..
staz, and everyone else, you assume too quickly.
Which would you want now was what I was asking, or which did you have.
I am sorry if you misunderstood me, to insert your very "unbiased" opinion.
Staz, to imply the fanboyism theory is to insult 75% of the forum, which are amd fanboys, and another 20% is intel/via/risc/spark fanboys or whatever, the rest are preachers.

Here was my poll question....
AMD or Intel
Here is what my thread stated.
It seems almost everyone here has went to AMD, so I am curious to see what the percentage of amd to intel is now, last year it was 2:1 amd:intel
I didn't once ask which was better...
Get a life.
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