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Originally Posted by weldzilla
Hey alex right out there for the whole world to see before you ever open this thread. In big Bold letters it says " AMD Vs. Intel" When you right "versus," that implies a fight. Or in the case of a forum, a fanboy arguement. something that has been posted probably 3 or 4 thousand times in threads in forums around the world probably in the last year. It is pretty easy to tell who uses what around here. look at sigs. look at posts. I believe a good guess would be about 70 to 75% AMD although I'll be many in here actually have both. You see you left no option on your poll for both. So I can't participate in the poll cuz I have both.

People should read a thread and poll question carefully before responding.
Thats how most arguements come into action, is because someone has based everything off a single title or line of text, instead of the contents, I wish someone would come delete this damn nightmare.
I have left aoa several times because of people not reading my posts, and just assuming something.
I really don't feel like doing it again.
I had to go and make posts outside random nonsense didn't I? lol, I'm such a diptard, I forgot all about this kind of crap.
When I wrote "amd vs. intel" I was trying to imply how many amd to intel there are, like a size up.
I am sorry they didn't read my post or poll title.
Next time, maybe they can just read a little.
I don't post in a thread until I have read and fully understood what was meant, and everyone should do the same, including staz.
Sorry for the rant weld, just had to vent.
edited: to be a tad less harsh.
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AOA Team fah

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