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Whoa whoa whoa there Alex.

Take a step back and use your head to think about this objectively for a minute. I read your whole post, all 1 sentace of it. Then I asked what exactly you meant. I did so by asking 6 question. I answered 5 of them telling you my AMD vs Intel preference. Then I told you what I thought about threads of this nature if it was a fanboy posturing thread.

Leaving AOA would only short change both you and all other members of the forums. If I offended you or any other member of the forum I am NOT sorry. Instead I feel that those offended should take a look in the mirror and stare hard. If my words strike true then maybe some self reevaluation is in order. If you are not what I say, Then why are you offended in the first place. If you leave the forum, that is just an even bigger sign of self weakness than just being offended.

Ask yourself why you chose to Single me out and appologize to Weldzilla when we are saying the same thing?

Don't get mad at me if I make you look at yourself. And don't deprive the forum of your unique personallity just because I ask you to think with your wallet rather than the propiganda.
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