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I have intel machines. It's not a fair fight with my amd machines. They aren't even the same generations. I have found, howver, that the AMDs treat me well. Many people probably remember a thread of mine that caused some controversy and gave birth to the AOAIntel ID on the folding stats. At that time, i had always thought Intel was the better CPU, but went AMD because I was cheap. Well, after shelling out some cash for a PIII 800, I was quite disapointed to see that my 800 duron (the B team) processor smoked it. Now I know that's just one processor generation, and I can't apply that lesson to todays chips. I just lost all love for Intel at that point. I really felt wronged. I paid twice the price for the intel chip and a Tyan motherboard, and it was laughably beaten by a duron on an epox. Call me a fan boy if you like, but I won't ever buy a intel chip new again. I'll pick up cheap used ones if I need a basic machine and the price is right though.
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