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EPOX 8K3AE Beep Sound

Hi, This is my first post . I came here for some help ( Because the support of EPOX doesn't give to me anyone neither responds my e-mails.

This is the Story:

I have this EPOX motherboard, 8K3AE Model. I was worked with it with a AMD Athlon XP 1700.

One day i was needed to test a Athlon XP 2800 in some motherboard and i was tested it in the EPOX ( I didn't have the manual that's why i couldn't see the CPU support first.

After that. The Motherboard doesn't turn on. Only gives a "Beep" sound ( 2 second of continue Beep and 2 seconds of silence repeteadly ). I was returned the original CPU to the motherboard ( Athlon XP 1700 ) And the same "beep" thing appears.

I have reset BIOS, probe other processesot. DDR-Ramm modules. Power supplies. Etc Etc. I don't know how to turn on it again.

My question: I have screw up my motherboard...? Exist some method to fix it...?

Very Thanks.

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