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You don't need the extra memory, 2Gb is more than enough, plus you don't wanna fill all 4 slots, as it'll force 2T command rate. You could also try a more reliable brand, not that Kingston isn't reliable, but SteveI got his Corsair Value Select (VS) to run at 240Mhz (DDR 480 or approx. PC4400), which is fanomanal. Albatron isn't neccicarily renowned for their motherboards, any extra money spent, 20 dollars which is nothing on a $1500 budget, will be justified in but the EPoX 939 SLI motherboard, the 9NPAJ SLI. Might want a better PSU, as that doesn't seem like enough to power everything you're planning on getting, not to mention you might add another card for SLI. Something from Enermax or Seasonic is usually good, remember to never skimp on the PSU. Case is more personal preference but I like Antec, might wanna take a look. I hear BenQ 1640's are great DVD burners for 40 bucks. Money saved from not getting the extra mem could go into a better sound card, the Creative X-Fi is superb. If you need me to link anything else let me know. Again, hope this helps and you get the most out of your build. Cheers for switching to AMD, I'm confident you'll be happy you did.
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