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9NPA+SLI newest BIOS problems

Hey guys, new to the forums.

Got a question. I'm having terrible problems overclocking. When i mean terrible, I mean, I can't o/c 1mhz with the newest BIOS update. I'm using the 9NPA+SLI board and a San Deigo core 3700+. When i first got everything put together and OS loaded, I went into the bios and just upped the CPU frequency to 210mhz, just for kicks. This was on the shipped BIOS. I left the HTT, Memory, and CPU multi all on auto and it booted fine at 2.3ghz.

Later I decided to check the newest BIOS update and got it loaded. I was curious as to how the new .5 multi's would work and stuff, however, I decided to bump the frequency to 210mhz again and leave the rest on auto, just like before, but upon reboot, I got a couple of beeps and then the POST screen said the system was in safe mode and needed to reset the settings. I've tried everything to o/c. I lowered the HTT to 3, cpu multi to 9, bumped vcore a tad and all with the same result.

I bought the CPU off a member of another forum and he said he hit 2.8Ghz no problem, so i was hoping for something close to that (2.7ghz woulda been sufficient, heck, anything really). I haven't stepped back in bios updates yet, but I was curious if anyone had any experience with the newest bios acting silly, or if anyone new of the "best" BIOS update for o/c'ing
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