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The X300 is not a viable gaming GPU. On paper, it supports DX9. However, I've tried to turn down every setting including res on my son's, and it just can't handle a DX9 game.... way to choppy to play. I'm getting an X700 to make up for it.

I know nothing about the 5300... so I can't judge. On the other hand, an old 8500LE is able to play the same DX9 game fine. The game is KOTOR2. While the 8500LE don't do DX9, its pure performance is enough to play the game at least. The X300 with its DX9 capabilities can't draw fast enough to make the game playable... it feels like 3 frames per second.

For 300, please warn your buddy that no moderm 3d game will be playable, unless you do one hell of a job pricing out refurbs all over the place. Also, the case you selected only looks good in a bitmap... When the pic is real shiny, odds are when you get a good look, it will be a real flimsy crappy looking case. It would be a good idea to get your buddy to approve the case before you buy... At least then, if he is dissapointed, it will have been his choice. If you cut too many corners, your buddy is bound to be dissapointed within a month of having it.... For a pure "cheap as all hell PC" get a dell.

EDIT: remember, you might have to pay 80+ for WinXP home, but dell pays a lot less. With only 300, that's the ball game... nothing you can slap together can make up that shortfall. Lack of upgradability is the price.
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