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Originally Posted by madcatmk3
Not really mine was $1800 and would have cost me $4000 from dell. But I do know that the 5300 FX can run F.E.A.R on minimum settings. The 5900 ultra can run it on medium. SO I might go with the 5300 I know the case is fairly flimsy but I have seen one in real life and it looked good. SO mabey I will just tell him to go with a dell and we can upgrade it slightly.
Well, obviously. If you've been paying attention to your thread, lower extreme's are being discussed, upper extremes are a whole 'nother story when it comes to prebuilt PC's. For ~$300, you really do save the most amount of money getting a prebuilt, but we're not talking quality. A prebuilt usually means no way to upgrade your graphics card, you're stuck with 32Mb of shared memory coupled with the weakest of GPU's, you get a terrible power supply only just capable of running the system in it, you get a cheap case with enough plastic to last a millenium, and you usually get an Intel, a Celeron most likely, which have never been very good IMO. What you do get is an OS which for the company that builds it is almost free, you get some sort of optical drive, and you get a working computer with newb support for a couple of years. Given the choice of saving a few bucks on a prebuilt, even though you do get a better deal, it's quality you get spending the extra ~$100 or so dollars and the satisfaction of doing it yourself, and that's one less sterotypical Dell user for the world to be proud of.
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