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um... madcatmk3... just out of curiosity, how old are you? If you want a computer for 300 bucks (which includes a 100 dollar OS), you are truely mistaking. Let me see if i can get a list of parts for you (i cant believe im acually gonna look at this low of parts):


PSU: included with case





I hope you have a monitor, if not, you can prolly get one for 50 bucks. If not, you can prolly get one at the dump for free, since you (or your friend or whatever the ***** he is to you) look like you guys are about 9 years old living off your mommy's allowance just by telling from that 300 dollar budget. I mean, come on. Theres practically no way for you to get a good computer with decent performace for 300 dollars, including an operating system. Like someone else said here, go to school and jack one from the comp lab that has 128 megs of memory, COMPLETE with windows 95, has a 266 mhz processor, has a floppy drive, and comes with a cheap little 12 inch CRT (was being sarcastic for you people reading this)
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