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Only the high clocked cards throttle when in windows. The 6800s in general run at their normal speeds all the time. The 6600GTs clock their 500Mhz down to 350 or so though.

There is little point really. When you are just in windows the card is at idle. Idling at 250Mhz or 350Mhz doesnt matter, just try it and watch the temps. Underclocking can make 6800s extremely unstable, even in 2D, and has been known to do damage, so please let it do its own thing.

They are designed to run very hot, and if they were in danger of failing through thermal failure before they became technologically redundant, Nvidia would have done something about it.

Everyone seams to worry about these chips because of their heat output, comparing their temperatures to CPUs. They are not CPUs. They do not have a large bank of thermally sensitive cache memory on die.
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